Research Services

Research & Analytics

With experienced research team members on staff, LRI is able to conduct sophisticated research studies that provide unique and valuable insights for their clients.

Some examples of research services include:

Measuring Impact (a.k.a. Moving the Needle)

It is simply not enough to believe that your training program or other initiative is having an impact on your organization. You need to measure the impact so that others believe it, too! LRI can assist you in deciding what to measure, how to measure it, and how to communicate the results to key stakeholders. Research methodology and deliverables are tailored to the specific needs of the project.

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Using benchmarks provides context and a standard of comparison for survey results and interpretation. Although organizations may turn to consortia (i.e., Mayflower Group or industry groups) or samples of convenience from consulting firms, there are concerns involved with using external benchmarks to maximize organizational performance:

  • Other benchmarks might come from organizations that are not comparable in size, industry, and demographics
  • There is limited value to comparing oneself to employees in other organizations
  • Many times survey items are too dissimilar to accurately compare

Additionally, many times there is a negative return on investment, such as lost manager time on required committee work/attending meetings, expensive membership fees, or lost opportunities to increase employee performance due to rationalizing away survey results.

Therefore, surveys results need to be examined in light of relevant comparisons, such as internal benchmarks. Using internal benchmarks maximizes value and facilitates interpretation of your own data. LRI will work with you to develop your own internal benchmarks that are customized to your organization’s unique circumstances.

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Analyzing Comments

LRI conducts rigorous analyses of written comments that extract key behaviors and themes that can then be further quantified and linked to other numerical data for deeper insights. Trained analysts are used to create and leverage comment coding models to extract insights from comments.

Typical projects include organizational surveys and multi-rater surveys; it is extremely helpful in defining key areas for learning and development teams to target in their initiatives. Also very helpful in validating customized surveys to ensure the right set of items is being assessed on the survey.

For more information about the LRI comment analysis process, contact the LRI research practice at

Linkage Research

LRI works with clients to link different data sets together to drive deeper insights. LRI can work with clients to examine how different data sets can link together, assess the quality of the data in the different data sets, and provide guidance regarding how to set up and analyze data that are housed in different data sets.

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Predictive Analytics

LRI researchers are also capable of partnering with clients to develop statistical models that can predict outcomes of interest. For example, LRI can work with clients to develop statistical models to predict the retention or attrition of top talent, or statistical models that predict the retention of high-value customers.

For more information about the Predictive Analytics services, contact the LRI research practice at

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