Research Services

LRI’s focus on research in its consulting and coaching practices distinguishes the firm from other management consulting organizations.
LRI has extensive experience conducting sophisticated and scientifically robust research analyses, making key presentations to senior leadership, and helping organizations leverage their own data to achieve real impact.
Through research, LRI helps organizations identify the behaviors and attributes that:

  • Multi-Rater Feedback (360)

    Multi-Rater feedback is a powerful tool that gives leaders a...

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  • Surveys

    Research shows companies with high profitability tend to have loyal customers who...

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  • "Read and Lead" Assessments

    Self-assessments and multi-rater surveys provide leaders with the insights they need...

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  • Research & Analytics

    With experienced research team members on staff, LRI is able to...

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  • Talent Assessment

    LRI works with clients to design custom talent assessment solutions to...

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  • About the Research Services Team

    At its core, the LRI Research Services Team is a community of I/O...

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