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Multi-Rater Feedback (360)

Multi-Rater feedback is a powerful tool that gives leaders a clear picture of their strengths and development opportunities, enabling them to effectively plan their future growth. LRI has pioneered the use of Multi-Rater or 360 feedback for leaders since 1978.

The Multi-Rater process typically comprises:

Survey Design

  • Identification of specific leadership attributes that support the business aims of the client organization.
  • Integration of client-specific attributes with data-validated general leadership attributes.
  • Production and testing of instruments tailored to different levels/roles.

Survey Administration

  • Participating leaders nominate respondents from among direct reports, peers, managers, clients, customers, etc. to provide confidential feedback.
  • Respondents provide confidential quantitative and qualitative feedback via on-line survey.

Feedback and Action Planning

  • Participating leaders receive a detailed report and identify strengths and development areas to produce a plan for future growth, often facilitated by LRI consultants.
  • LRI’s research shows that follow-up enhances development and behavior change.
  • Follow-up methods include coaching from LRI consultants, interim surveys, support from managers, peer coaching, etc.

LRI has developed a number of multi-rater assessments that clients can use “off the shelf” or as a starting point for developing their own customized assessment process.

The Leader Capabilities Inventory (or LCI)

The LCI is a rigorous assessment of the most critical leader capabilities. Drawing on decades of experience working with executives in top performing organizations, LRI researchers and executive coaches designed the LCI to generate deep insights into the unique capabilities of leaders. To facilitate the interpretation of results, the LCI report is designed with a couple of unique features, including a one-page data summary with top performer norm comparisons, self-other alignment calculation, and the Leader Capabilities plot to highlight the most critical competencies to the leader’s role.

For more information about the LCI, or to take the LCI and receive coaching from an LRI consultant, contact the LRI research practice at

The LRI Accelerator

The LRI Accelerator is a tool designed to give executives the information needed to accelerate through their transition and to avoid potential derailment. This tool collects important information for making the right decisions early in the executive’s tenure in their position. The assessments are designed to collect uniquely powerful information from multiple sources, including the executive, his or her boss, and the team. The survey is comprehensive, covering progress on the transition, alignment with manager and team, credibility, and team culture.

For more information about the Accelerator, or to take the Accelerator and receive coaching from an LRI consultant, contact the LRI research practice at

The Core 20

Core 20 is a short, multi-rater “360” assessment and consists of 20 behavioral statements. It is designed to provide leaders a snap-shot of the most critical behaviors for success as a leader.

For more information about the Core 20, or to take the Core 20 and receive coaching from an LRI consultant, contact the LRI research practice at

LRI’s Multi-Rater Feedback Platform

LRI’s Multi-Rater Feedback Platform, called the Core Credibility 360 Platform, is a 360 processing platform that allows clients to tailor their 360 surveys to match the culture and values of their organization.

For more information about the Core Credibility 360 Platform, contact the LRI research practice at

Feedback Interpretation and Guidance (FIG certification)

The value of feedback is determined by the degree to which participants identify and act on insights into how they can become better leaders. Critical to this process are coaches that provide interpretation and guidance to participants regarding the results of their 360 assessment.

To help clients develop an internal bench of 360 feedback coaches, LRI offers Feedback Interpretation and Guidance (FIG) Certification training. The training focuses on developing internal feedback coaches to understand and explain all components of the 360 process, including how to prepare, facilitate, and conduct the 360 feedback session.

For more information about the FIG Certification process, contact the LRI research practice at

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