Research Services

Talent Assessment

LRI works with clients to design custom talent assessment solutions to meet their needs and increase the validity of hiring and promotion decisions and ultimately improve their bottom line. Tools and techniques leveraged by LRI include determining the critical elements of a role, building capabilities and competencies models, developing interview guides and performance management tools, and much more.

Role Definition

The Leadership Role Analyzer (or LRA) process is designed to help define the critical requirements of a Leadership Position. Each role is analyzed on 5 key dimensions:

  • Work activities
  • Knowledge areas
  • Skills
  • Abilities
  • Work styles

The report is then organized according to summary of raters, greatest business challenges facing the role, ideal leader and analysis of job requirements.

For more information about the Leadership Role Analyzer process, contact the LRI research practice at

Selecting Top Talent

LRI can increase the validity of a client’s hiring and promotion decisions to improve its bottom line. Tools and techniques created by LRI include Capabilities/Competencies Models, Interview Guides, Performance Management Tools, and much more.

LRI’s team can assist Human Resource professionals in supporting interview processes with the selection or custom-design of measures of achievement and personality that are easily administered and scored and are predictive of an organization’s desired behavioral outcomes.

Making wise selection/promotion/succession decisions can result in higher standards of customer service, reduced turnover rates, ability to predict how an individual will adapt to the organization’s culture, and success at promoting talented colleagues to key management positions

For more information about Selecting Top Talent, contact the LRI research practice at

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