Case Studies

Business Support Organization Enhances Both Client Satisfaction and Colleague Satisfaction

A business support group within a client organization was undergoing substantial growth challenges. The organization itself was growing in substantial ways, and there were concomitant opportunities with regard to the way the group supported its internal clients. The head of the support group consulted LRI to determine if there were ways that the level of client service could be enhanced while — at the same time — meeting the growth challenges without additional people resources.

LRI recommended that the business support group engage in a two-fold approach designed to organize itself and its work in the most client-centered and efficient way possible. Using a variety of methodologies, including client feedback, work-process examination, and other methods, LRI consultants were able to recommend reorganizing the business support group to ensure maximum alignment with the clients that the group served. LRI also partnered with the group to assess whether the group was focusing on the highest value-additive activities, and was able to assist them in off-loading or eliminating many activities which did not generate substantial value for the organization.

The outcome of the process was to improve the satisfaction of the clients for the business support group in substantial and measurable ways. At the same time, the new organizational structure created opportunities for ready-now leaders to assume greater responsibility, contributing to overall engagement of the business support group colleagues. Finally, there was an increased focus on the activities which generate the most value, making the work productivity of the group much greater.

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