Case Studies

Fully Integrated Vision, Mission, and Leadership Development Strategy Yield Superior Results

A large entertainment company, which has experienced a number of owners, administrations, etc., was taken over by an entrepreneur, who put in place a CEO that LRI had supported at another client organization. The CEO wanted to first learn about the organization, and secondly infuse the organization with a Mission and set of Values that would help define the aspirations of the new leadership and serve as a guide and reinforcement to desired behavior and performance.

LRI conducted a series of interviews with key executives from the past administrations as well as the new executive team to assess the variance in views, perceived priorities, values, expectations, and aspirations. The data was synthesized and presented to the new executive team, with LRI’s analysis as to what new Values and Mission would resonate and have credibility with the organization. LRI assisted with the development of the Mission and Values Statement, which also served as the backbone of a performance evaluation process, and an enterprise-wide 360° degree feedback instrument.

The organization (particularly the management) now has a sense of what is expected of them, along with clear measures that are driving desired performance. The assessment component provides management with useful data as to where to focus resources for leadership development. Leadership effectiveness has increased (as determined by increase in 360° ratings), employee satisfaction has improved, and overall company performance has improved significantly.

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