Editor’s Note

In any new undertaking, it is helpful to sketch out a sense of what is to be achieved. This blog is certainly no exception. Our goal is simply to delight and inform people interested in what we are passionate about, the building of credible leaders and organizations.

Some ground rules:

  • In these posts, we aim to be provocative at times, to start debates on issues we think critical to the work we do. If we hit bone, our apologies.
  • We also aim to support our provocative arguments with evidence. By nature we are scientist-practitioners and our bias is to take a data-driven approach to understanding organizations and leaders. There, I said it.
  • We absolutely reserve the right to be wrong and a little bit crazy at times as we explore different perspectives on what drives the credibility and ultimately the effectiveness of leaders and their organizations.
  • Finally, we welcome (and frankly need) your support in meeting our objectives with this blog. If you’d like to post an idea or perspective on our blog, let us know!
And so we begin…

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