Case Studies

Resolving Conflict among a Senior Leadership Team

A fast-growing banking services company engaged LRI to assist a group of senior executives in overcoming dysfunctional communication styles and cross-division interaction problems. These issues were limiting performance and reducing morale. The typical interactions between executive team members were often destructive, inefficient, and limiting business success.

The team building process was launched with the conduct of comprehensive assessments of each executive, which involved online 360° feedback collection, in-depth interviews with each executive’s supervisor, peers, and direct reports, and a battery of psychometric assessments. The 360° feedback was used to analyze strengths and development areas and was also used in the aggregate to inform the team-building process. A three-phase conflict resolution training was then conducted in support of improved team dynamics.

Results of the initiative produced immensely improved interactions between executives, enhanced productivity of communication between different functional units (at all levels), and resulted in better customer service to major clients – all within six months.

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