Mission, Guiding Principles, and Values

It is LRI’s mission to maintain our place among the world’s premier organizational and leadership consulting firms. As true experts and researchers in the field, we will assist our clients in identifying and understanding growth opportunities within their colleague base and, in turn, developing the leadership skills and measurement systems necessary for helping colleagues perform to their full potential and to live according to their organization’s mission and values.

We aspire to attract and develop the most competent professionals in the fields of organizational behavior, leadership, communication, social science, management, organizational/industrial psychology, research design, and methods. The Directors of the firm seek to elect as many Principals and additional Directors as possible. Our aspiration is that the Principals and Directors of LRI will be the most admired and sought after professionals in the field. We believe admiration is driven by extraordinary competence, character, client service, and firm development. It is our hope that our Principals and Directors will establish significant stature and prominence through superior client service, while building intellectual capital and a world-class reputation for LRI.

Every LRI colleague is deeply committed to living and safeguarding our firm Values:

Professional Development: Always learning and developing self; being cutting-edge experts in our fields;


Firm Development: Contributing to the intellectual and human capital of the Firm;


Teamwork: Supporting and sharpening one another and our clients—helping each other succeed in every way through open and honest communication, challenge, sharing, commitment, and care;


Superior Client Service: Supporting and partnering with our clients in achieving significant impact through people, resulting in increased stakeholder value and humanity;


Inspiration and Passion: Selecting, creating, and managing our work so that we maintain our joy and energy; and renewing our passion for our craft every day by contributing to and witnessing the successes of our clients.


We seek to serve clients that are committed to long-term, value-adding change and the principles of leadership credibility. We seek partnering relationships, not merely engagements. If, in our assessment, we believe that significant impact is unattainable with a prospective or existing client, we will disengage until the client is truly ready to change and hold their organizational members accountable for change.

High quality research and objective data will drive all of our work at every stage, from initial assessment, through analysis, to recommendations and implementation.

It is our belief that if we aggressively pursue our mission and embrace our values, we will achieve recognized excellence in our work and enthusiastic referrals from the clients we serve. These factors will lead additional clients to seek out LRI to help them live according to their mission and values.

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