Paula Mulford

Paula M. Mulford has been a Consulting Associate with Leadership Research Institute (LRI) since 1998. She specializes in designing and delivering high impact and entertaining corporate education and keynote speeches.

Before launching her consulting practice, Paula was COO of an education based company with fifteen years of sales and sales management experience.

Paula believes the only thing that counts in working with an organization, team or individual is that the engagement generates behavior change allowing the people involved to be more effective in achieving their goals and working with others.  Her practice is based on the principles that learning should be fun and that the key to success is an individual’s commitment to self-improvement.


Paula’s areas of expertise include corporate programs and keynote speeches in:

  • Communication:  Who’s Who in the Zoo? Paula co-authored this fun-filled and highly memorable program which focuses on the theme “successful communication is communicating the way the other person can hear it, not the way you want to say it.”
  • Business Etiquette: Paula wrote the program Meeting, Eating and Greeting – Etiquette Essentials for Success. Mastering the art of etiquette differentiates individuals in the workplace.  Etiquette extends into a surprisingly broad area of daily life from meeting people for the first time to the way you respect others in meetings.  Etiquette is becoming a lost art.
  • Leadership:  Credibility, Situational Leadership and 360 ̊ feedback coaching.
  • Performance Management:  Making Things Happen focuses on how to do the right things to achieve results and obtaining role clarity about one’s professional and personal accountabilities and responsibilities.


Her services include:

  • Results-Oriented Programs: Focusing on specific, results-oriented programs for improving the effectiveness of teams and individuals, both on and off the job.
  • An Entertaining Style: Making programs come alive and relevant to the daily life and experiences of participants through a uniquely entertaining style, coupled with years of business experience.
  • Behavioral Change: Generating behavior change both in the corporate education arena and by helping individuals understand their 360 ̊ feedback, create realistic and highly actionable plans, leverage strengths, and make significant progress in developmental areas.
  • Customization: Creating customized programs for organizations related specifically to the needs of management and the workforce.


Paula has worked with an extremely diverse group of more than 65 companies and organizations.  Sectors where she has done extensive work include: aerospace, airline, banking, biotech, chemical, credit cards, entertainment parks, food and beverage, health care, high tech, hospitals, IT, legal, manufacturing, petroleum, petrochemical, retail, service, software, telecommunications, travel, and university education.

Paula’s global leadership work spans more than 35 nationalities in 17 countries including China, India, Singapore, Argentina, Brazil, England, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

Paula earned her B.A. in History, with honors, from Westmont College in Montecito, California.  Graduate certification in Education from San Diego State University.

Paula uses her talents and skills to do pro bono work in the non-profit sector.  She lives in Del Mar, California with her husband, Rand, where they are very active in their church.  Her personal passions are her family, Paris, NFL football, creating special life events for others, entertaining and table tops.

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