Additional Customized Services

Client Satisfaction and Loyalty Assessment

LRI conducts research and designs initiatives to improve client loyalty for business-to-business firms. Data serves as a catalyst to change colleague behaviors and organizational culture.

The mission is to create loyalty between our clients and their customers by shifting their relationship from that of vendor and purchaser to that of true and valued business partners, by:

  • Identifying service attributes that are most important to clients.
  • Obtaining in-depth feedback from key client stakeholders (senior and front-line management) using questionnaires and interviews.
  • Presenting the data in meaningful reports and actionable briefings.
  • Using LRI’s extensive research on the key attributes that distinguish those organizations that effectively partner with their customers from those who are perceived simply as vendors by customers, allowing our clients to understand the ideal end-state toward which they could strive.
  • Supporting and consulting with its B2B clients to identify and execute action plans geared toward maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

LRI has also incorporated colleague training on the related principles of the Service-Profit Chain and Lifetime Value of the Customer into such initiatives.

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