Raluca Graebner, Ph.D.

Raluca Graebner, Ph.D. is a Leadership Consultant and Coach affiliated with the Leadership Research Institute (LRI). She specializes in leadership development and organizational assessment.

Raluca strives to integrate two passions in her work for LRI: developing people and expressing complex data visually. To do so, she balances coaching, training, and designing development programs, with creating assessments and analyzing data to assist organizations make strategic decisions about their people. Raluca is part of the LRI Discovery Team, a global community of scientists/practitioners dedicated to the discovery of insights into leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Raluca takes an evidence-based approach to talent management, using data (such as 360 evaluations and personality assessments) to derive insights and measure results.  She believes the goal of leadership development is to drive business results while increasing people’s engagement and personal fulfillment. A key part of her coaching and training practice focuses on building skills for effective dialogue (e.g. conflict resolution) and people management.


Raluca’s areas of expertise include:

  • Strength-based development: Fully leveraging people’s strengths to accelerate their development
  • Data visualization: Using people analytics data to tell stories and influence organizational decision-making
  • Women in leadership: Helping organizations attract and retain women in key leadership positions
  • Virtual and cross-cultural teams: Facilitating the work of teams with members based in different locations and of different cultural backgrounds


Her services include:

  • Leadership coaching: One-on-one coaching; small groups/peer coaching
  • Training and facilitation: Face-to-face and distance learning; experiential learning; team building; conflict mediation
  • Multi-rater feedback (360 degree assessments): Designing and analyzing interview-based and survey-based feedback
  • Organizational diagnostics and research: Identifying relevant research questions; creating and analyzing organizational surveys (e.g. engagement surveys, climate surveys); measuring the impact of talent management programs
  • Designing strategic leadership development programs: Partnering with clients to identify key leadership competencies and build programs to develop them


Raluca has worked with Fortune 500 companies in a range of sectors, such as Finance, Investment Banking, Technology, Business Consulting, and Media.

Prior to joining LRI, Raluca worked in the Talent Assessment Group at Goldman Sachs and consulted for the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation. She started her career designing and conducting trainings for the U.S. Peace Corps, using adult learning and experiential training methodology.

Raluca holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the George Washington University (GWU). She has also worked as faculty at GWU and has presented at professional conferences on personality, virtual teams, and workplace diversity. She is a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and the European Mentorship Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). Raluca graduated as a valedictorian with Bachelor degrees in Communications and Political Sciences from universities in Bucharest.

After spending time in Romania and the United States, Raluca and her husband, Riley, now live in London, and try to take any chance they can to travel around the world. In addition to English, Raluca speaks Romanian and French.

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